President’s  Message

The New Development Bank(NDB) is scheduled to start lending in 2016. An initial reserve of R1 trillion will enable and stimulate capital inflows towards infrastructure and sustainable development projects. An increase in trade opportunities between the Brics nations is more likely , given all members enjoying equal status.

The TCCI will continue to promote greater effort in job creation and
economic development. On a demand side from property owners we will continue supporting City Improvement Districts in an effort to restore  integrity to the Pretoria Inner City including Hatfield , Sunnyside and Arcadia.

We welcome with optimism Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Pravin Gordhan’s  announcement of non-negotiables :

  1. Every municipality must ensure it works with its citizens and other
    government departments to deliver a decent living environment for its citizens.
  2. Good governance in service delivery ie , the timeous and regular
    collection of refuse , continuous supply of electricity at market value, and that waste management takes place in the right kind of way.

Informal Trade management continues to be a challenge and TCCI will continueto address the formalization of traders by creating markets and promotingbasic management curricula.

Adv S Yousuf.